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Script Doctor & Writing Services 

Work with our world-class Script Doctors to develop your screenplay

Our cherry-picked team of script consultants and script doctors are dedicated to helping writers and filmmakers improve.

Is Script Doctoring Right for You?

Frustrated? Confused? Time-poor? Have you been struggling with a script? Do you have a script with a great core premise, poorly executed? Need a fresh, dynamic collaborator to bounce ideas off? Don’t have the budget for a multi-credited writer? If you answered yes to any of those questions, our script doctoring services are for you!


Our service was designed to ease your development pain. Kick off the Produced by Ashlee & Associates script doctoring process by requesting our Script Doctor’s quote. Our genre-specialist will read your script and we’ll issue you with feedback on the script and a full doctoring quote. Remember: you’re in creative control throughout. 

What Is A Script Doctor Quote?

The 1st step in our script doctoring process is to provide you with a financial quote. We read over your script and deliver brief bullet-points on how we can potentially approach a rewrite. Unlike script coverage, this report  will not provide corrections or act as a coverage alternative – please do not book expecting it to be. It simply delivers a financial quote for the work to be done, if you decide to move forward.

What Exactly Am I Getting From A Script Doctor?

Our script doctors are ready to help you properly develop your screenplay. You can expect:

1-on-1 live script consultancy online - We will discuss in detail your script or story idea. Mostly focusing on your inspiration, story structure and character development.

Preparatory Stage - Our analyst reads and prepare script notes for potential rewrite.


Live script editing sessions, over one full day (1hr break for lunch) - We will schedule a day to go over script notes and discuss all necessary corrections or rewrites together. 

Script Transformation -  Our Script Doctor takes his/her time reconstructing your script based on the changes you all approved via the live script editing session.

Post brief notes are provided - This includes all of the notes and corrections made. Along with resources to help guide you through potentially pitching your script. 

Note - Writers that enlist a script doctor is eligible for their screenplay to be submitted to our partnering platforms for consideration.

I Just want My Script Edited.

We never want to take over your vision. As stated, you maintain creative control throughout the entire process. Our script editors are on standby ready to help you improve your script. Our script editors do not edit the script for you; that's what the Script Doctor does. Instead you and the editor make corrections in our live editing session. The process of getting your script edited is simple. 

Step #1 - Send Us Your Script

First, we need to get acquainted your script. When you book our Editing Service you can upload your script for us to review. 

Step #2 - We’ll Read Your Script

After uploading your script, you’ll receive an email from our script editor with instructions on how to pick a date for your live editing session. In the meantime, we’ll be reading your script and prepping for the session. 

Step #3 - Script editing time

On the day you log into your editing session, be armed with a lots of questions and queries about how best to improve the script. This session can last up to 3 hours, so prepare to be with the editor for awhile!

Step #4 - After The Session 

After the live editing  session has taken place, our script editor will compose a “Next Steps” action plan for you to focus on for the next draft. In turn, you move forward with the revisions with enthusiasm and absolute clarity about the best way forward with your script.



"Working with Ashlee was a great career move and she’s been very patient with me as a first-time writer. She’s given clear and helpful feedback, and was adaptable to my awkward job schedule. Her enthusiastic and friendly nature makes her easy to work with. I very much recommend working with her if you get the chance!"


"Working with Produced by Ashlee has been an amazing experience for me. From the beginning I knew I could trust Ashlee just by how she genuinely took interest in my story once I told her about it. Her passion for producing is unmatchable. Her determination, communication and honesty is everything. The thing that impressed me the most was, recognizing Ashlee is not just in this for the money. Her worth ethic is unmeasurable it shows in work. She took my 100 plus page script and summarized it down and I still could read the full story with just a few details. I’d recommend Ashlee to anyone."


“As an emerging writer, working with Ashlee has been one of the best decisions that I made. Her passion and commitment shows in every inch of her work. During script development, she took a presumably good screenplay and turned it into a great script, all while pushing me to do the same. This was my first time working with Ashlee, but this will definitely not be my last!"


"Every opportunity I've had to work with Ashlee and her team has been amazing. From start to finish, super detailed with a creative mind that's out this world. There are no problems when working with Ashlee, only obstacles. And she's gifted in overcoming those obstacles seemingly with ease. Looking forward to working together again soon!"