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Receive professional feedback on your script.


If there's a few thing that can get your script tossed in the trash pile, it's spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. For writers who are committed to their craft and are ready to make sure their screenplays is up to par, Produced by Ashlee & Associates offers script coverage services. Before you send out your script for ANY consideration, you should have it reviewed by a professional script analyst to ensure it is immaculate. 

Submit the final draft of your screenplay for our elite team of analyst to dissect. We will return it to you marked up with comments and all necessary fixes. You will see where the errors are to avoid falling into the same traps going forward!

Please note that by submitting your script you affirm that you own the rights to the script. After you submit your material, please allow 7 - 10 business days for our readers to provide you with effective feedback. 

*Important* While we are happy to work with non-native English speakers, if English is not your primary language, please email your script to for a custom quote!
Note - enter the amount of pages you are submitting on the checkout page before making your final purchase. 
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