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Pre-production Services

Pre-production is unique to every project. This is the phase of production where all of your planning takes place.  We understand that pre-production can be the cause of an excellent production day or the reason everything goes wrong!  Our team of production associates work diligently to keep your production on schedule and on budget. 


Pre-Production  services include:

Script Break Down

Script Breakdown is essential to the entire production. This organizes your production needs for that project. We offer support for feature & short films, documentaries, web and episodic TV series. Each client receives a detailed budget and elements report.


Budget Forecast 

Need a line producer to create a budget, schedule and cash flow report in order to shop your script to potential partners? We’re here to help. 


Well-designed storyboards help cinematographers, directors, etc., clearly visualize the scenes before filming, spot potential problems, and resolve those before the shooting commences. We have a team of master illustrators to provide some of the best storyboard illustrations that effortlessly tell the magical story you always wanted at affordable prices.


Looking for talent for your upcoming project? Need help casting? PbA has a growing database of over 500 actors, all ages and ethnicities. We have worked with talent seen on Disney, Nickelodeon,  BET, Netflix, National commercial campaigns that aired on ESPN, ABC, and FOX. 


We also have a wide rang of non union actors! Men, women, boys and girls! Young and old. All backgrounds.  Just because they're  not a part of the union, doesn't mean they're not worth "the shot". If we don't have what you're looking for we will go find it!

Location Scouting 

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Find the right location for your production and your narrative will feel life-like. We offer full service location managing, scouting, permits, location agency services. 

Shooting Schedules & Call Sheets 

Tired of spending countless hours wrangling formulas in Excel just to make a call sheet? With PbA2, creating a call sheet and/or a shooting schedule is a breeze. Out source it to us! 

Press Kits/Pitch Decks

Press kits/pitch decks are crucial to catching the attention of an investor or network executive. We have a team of talented production developers with an expertise in marketing. We will condense your information into a stunning pitch deck. 

Crew For Hire

We would love to accredit one person for the productions we have developed, but we just can't! It takes an amazing team to bring any vision to life. It takes an even more dedicated crew to effectively tell your story. We work with some of the industry's best crew members! 

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