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Is There a Cure for Writers Block?

When it comes to writers block, have you ever wondered is there a cure? Is there a way I can escape the creative box writers block has put me in? Trust me, you're NOT alone.

What is Writers Block?

Writers block can come packaged as many things. Such as, lack of #motivation and/or #inspiration. Frustration, stagnation, and self doubt are just a few more disguise of writers block. Every writer has experienced it more than once. Writers block is simply not being able to move forward, creatively, on a project. Writers block is a mindset not aligned to your vision.

Hear me out... writers block is not reserved only for #screenwriters, but #authors, #beginnerwriters, heck, #expertwriters! Some writers report they are motivated to write but experience creative block. While others have the creative ideas but lack the know-how; causing stagnation and frustration.

Yes, I am saying that writers block is inevitable. However, there are ways to lessen the impact it has on your #mindset and work.

Ways to Overcome Writers Block

The #writing journey is unique to the writer and their everyday life. I understand that some writers are careered, whereas some writers have jobs and families to tend. I say that to say take what resonates and fits for you!

When you find yourself encountering writers block you can:

1. Change Scenery

Sometimes we need change our surroundings. My number one suggestion is always to go outside. Find a park or safe place to sit and observe! Watch nature, the animals, the humans. Characters drive the story, not the opposite. I hope you're creating relatable characters, even if its a fictional character. They should feel real! What better way to create a "real" character than to study a "real" person. Pay attention to how they react to certain things, sounds, etc. You'd be amazed at how much inspiration is outdoors.

2. Outline Your Story, FIRST

The very first thing you need to do is breakdown and outline your idea. If you are trying to #write a script based solely off your idea, you're 100% going to get writers block. It is vital that you breakdown your characters because they drive the story. Once you get to know your characters you must map out your plot points. How will this story unfold from beginning to end? Outlining your story allows you to iron out story kinks before writing the script. Plot holes should be addressed in the outlining phase, not while drafting the script. Kick *ss Story Outline to the rescue! (shameless plug)

3. Put It On The Schedule

Hmmm... maybe I fibbed. There is a way to NEVER get #writersblock... NEVER writing! Stop procrastinating and set aside time for writing. 45 minutes to an hour for writing a day will help you become disciplined. You have to start some where. Don't force yourself to write longer than 45 minutes. From past experience, once i'm going, i'm going! So, I end up writing for about a hour 1/2 before taking a break. Engaging with your story induces creative flow. In turn, you become more confident in completing it.

4. Ask For Help

Please don't underestimate the power of a second opinion. If you feel stuck, ask a friend, family member, or someone you trust for their feedback. A fresh perspective may be the spark that relight the fire! Most major #films or #series you enjoy today have writing teams. Multiple writers! Pay attention to the questions they ask you. Because if they ask it, someone else will. Be open and ready for criticism. Take what resonates with your vision, trash the rest. Do not take it personal, but as a chance to enhance your story. Ask for help!

These are just a few things that can help with writers block. Don't give up. Your story deserves to be developed into all that it can be. If you find yourself stuck, grab a copy of Kick *ss Story Outline to help you build your story from beginning to end!

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