"As a business owner of a small production studio, I can say Ashlee's class really helped me to understand the important tasks I need to focus on when acting as a producer on my films and videos.  Producing is hard, and so many facets to producing that it is difficult to be able to cover so much in one class, but that is exactly what Ashlee managed to give me; relevant and thorough producer information that I can take straight to my work environment and begin implementing.  She manages to get so much more out of this class than someone should be able to in the time span, which I think is an attribute to her teaching, and her producing....and it's just what a good producer would do."

—  Shane Leonard, Independent Filmmaker

Production Development Mentorship Program

Produced by Ashlee & Associates Production Development Mentor Program provides a rare opportunity for creatives with entry-level knowledge of the film industry to interact with professionals. Our PDMP mentors are ready to help you develop, package and pitch your materials for funding and/or distribution. 


The time it takes to develop the perfect story and pitch package varies per project. Usually development takes up to 4-6 weeks. We will conduct all development sessions via Zoom. During the development phase we will focus on the structure of your script, character development, script formatting, treatment and query letter. 

If you have film or proof of concept we work on developing a media kit/pitch deck. All genres are welcomed. If you have a film that's not in English, it has to be subtitled. Develop for completed films or proof of concepts/trailers vary per project and depends on what you have already completed as far as treatments, scripts and outlines. 



Our team has partnered with aggregators and network executives looking for new content. After development phase we will submit your material for review. If any platform or network is interested in your content, we will notify you. 

We are NOT producing your content, therefore you retain the rights to your materials as long as you don't relinquish them during the negotiation process. 


$399.00 - Script Coverage and Consulting/Development.

3.5% Gross profit of final deal made - For pitching.


If you are ready to connect with industry professionals that can get your materials in front of the decision makers, fill out the application below. An associate will reach out to you to schedule your session dates and times. We look forward to collaborating with you! 

"I found the course to be thorough and informative. It provided me with a comprehensive overview of how to structure and logistically outline and develop my script and plan so that the I remain organized and focused throughout the process.  For me, the course was an beneficial  first step in allowing me to conceptualize the film as an organic synergy with all of its components ie locations, characters , obstacles and journeys outlined in a way that is manageable and workable rather than overwhelming. The course also showed me that having the script carefully mapped out saves time, money, and aggravation during the process. And the planning ensures a greater degree of quality in the finished project as important details are addressed that contribute to overall success of the film.."

                                                                                                      —  Katherine Gore, Independent Filmmaker

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