Produced by Ashlee & Associates Presents 


Do you have a desire to create but can't figure out the next step to take?

Learn from leading industry experts the ins and outs of the filmmaking!

The 4-Week Program will break down the following:

1. Being clear with your storytelling

2. Learning from industry experts on industry expectations

3. Understanding the filmmaking process

4. Learning how to develop and pitch your screenplay

5. Overcoming your fears and challenges of transitioning from indie to industry 

6. Learning how to build and scale a trustworthy relationship with film partners 

7. Understanding the business behind filmmaking

8. Standing out and finding your voice as a filmmaker

These eight steps we will break down and work through with our guest industry professionals. This is an exclusive virtual mentorship course hosted by Ashlee C. of PbA, to serve your filmmaking needs in an intimate setting, with fellow filmmakers so there is limited spacing. This course will be hosted via Zoom, once a week for 4-weeks. Each week brings a new speaker, new knowledge and strategies.

How to know if this program is for you:

This program IS for you if you want to learn to grow as a filmmaker, you’re committed to success, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

This Program is NOT for you if you are looking for an overnight success story. Know that filmmaking takes time and learning.  If you are not willing to put in work and develop your craft, this Program is not for you.

This Program is NOT for you if you don’t have a positive perspective and you complain that things never work out.

If you allow the information from these experts to resonate and you are willing to put in the work, you will have new development strategies to take your filmmaking journey to the next level.  Prepare to transition from indie to industry.

aspire to be the bridge between independent filmmakers and the industry.

Ashlee C. 

Founder, Producer

As a business owner of a small production studio, I can say Ashlee's class really helped me to understand the important tasks I need to focus on when acting as a producer on my films and videos.  Producing is hard, and so many facets to producing that it is difficult to be able to cover so much in one class, but that is exactly what Ashlee managed to give me; relevant and thorough producer information that I can take straight to my work environment and begin implementing.  She manages to get so much more out of this class than someone should be able to in the time span, which I think is an attribute to her teaching, and her producing....and it's just what a good producer would do.

Shane Leonard 

Independent Filmmaker


I found the producer’s course to be thorough and informative. It provided me with a comprehensive overview of how to structure and logistically plan a production so that the crew remains organized and focused throughout the shoot. I thought the examples of the schedules and call sheets from Studio Binder as well as the script breakdowns were particularly beneficial. For me, the course was an invaluable first step in allowing me to conceptualize the film as an organic synergy with all of its components ie locations, schedules, permits, props, costuming, outlined in a way that is manageable and workable rather than overwhelming. The course also showed me that having the production carefully mapped out saves time, money, and aggravation during the shoot. And the planning ensures a greater degree of quality in the finished project as important details are addressed that contribute to overall success of the film.

Katherine Gore

Independent Filmmaker


Working with Produced by Ashlee has been an amazing experience for me. From the beginning I knew I could trust Ashlee just by how she genuinely took interest in my story once I told her about it. Her passion for producing is unmatchable. Her determination, communication and honesty is everything. The thing that impressed me the most was, recognizing Ashlee is not just in this for the money. Her worth ethic is unmeasurable it shows in work. She took my 100 plus page script and summarized it down and I still could read the full story with just a few details. I’d recommend Ashlee to anyone.

Justin Williams

Independent Filmmaker


The total cost of the program is $199.00. An initial payment of $99.00 is due to enroll. The remaining balance ($99.00) is due before the program begins.