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During our 1 hour strategy call we will discuss your story concept, script and go over in-depth the best strategy for your project!


We help our clients develop treatments, build budgets, create shot listsstory boards, cast talent, location scout and more. 

PbA2.Script Coverage

Get in-depth story notes on your full script from our professional industry readers!

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If you’ve reached a creative block or don’t have the time to make the changes you KNOW your script needs, our service is for you. Work alongside our script doctors to properly develop your screenplay.

Production Management

No matter the stage of production our puissant production management and creative team of production associates can step in.  

Post Production

From edit to final deliverable, our team of editors, animators, colorists and graphic designers are exemplary professionals utilizing the industry’s most current software and hardware.


Our team’s extensive production experience is rooted in branded content, film, television and digital content creation at an affordable cost.



Work with our talented production associates to bring your reel to life so that you can book better roles. 

Develop your script and strategy plan, one-on-one with a PbA2 executive!

Learn more about our services and how we can help bring your vision to life.

One of our production associates will contact you within 24 hours of your request.

NARRATIVE Storytelling

Our story development process constructs and fine-tunes every aspect of the story-making certain it's character driven, consequential, and impactful. 

Branding VIDEOS

We understand that quality visuals are vital to a successful brand awareness campaign. Our associates are ready to help you develop your digital voice. 


We offer a wide range of production services for independent filmmakers, looking for an effortless creative process and trusted production associates-that get the job done.


Our partners specializes in theatrical and home entertainment distribution-allowing us to pitch projects of all genres, to domestic and foreign markets. 



"Working with Ashlee was a great career move and she’s been very patient with me as a first-time writer. She’s given clear and helpful feedback, and was adaptable to my awkward job schedule. Her enthusiastic and friendly nature makes her easy to work with. I very much recommend working with her if you get the chance!"


"Working with Produced by Ashlee has been an amazing experience for me. From the beginning I knew I could trust Ashlee just by how she genuinely took interest in my story once I told her about it. Her passion for producing is unmatchable. Her determination, communication and honesty is everything. The thing that impressed me the most was, recognizing Ashlee is not just in this for the money. Her worth ethic is unmeasurable it shows in work. She took my 100 plus page script and summarized it down and I still could read the full story with just a few details. I’d recommend Ashlee to anyone."


“As an emerging writer, working with Ashlee has been one of the best decisions that I made. Her passion and commitment shows in every inch of her work. During script development, she took a presumably good screenplay and turned it into a great script, all while pushing me to do the same. This was my first time working with Ashlee, but this will definitely not be my last!"


"Every opportunity I've had to work with Ashlee and her team has been amazing. From start to finish, super detailed with a creative mind that's out this world. There are no problems when working with Ashlee, only obstacles. And she's gifted in overcoming those obstacles seemingly with ease. Looking forward to working together again soon!"



Produced by Ashlee & Associates

Unlock the power of visual storytelling with Produced by Ashlee & Associates. Our team of industry  professionals specialize in crafting compelling narratives, short films, and corporate videos that captivate audiences and achieve results. From pre-production to post-production, our services include production management, development, commercials, product demos, and location productions. 

From concept to screenplay we'll assist you through every stage of the writing process and position your project for success. 
We specialize in narratives, brand and product commercials, along with production services tailored to your project needs. 
We can help you produce video marketing campaigns that reach your target audience where they're watching.
As creators, we have a passion for crafting content that makes a meaningful impact on the world. 


"I found the course to be thorough and informative. It provided me with a comprehensive overview of how to structure and logistically outline and develop my script and plan so that the I remain organized and focused throughout the process.  For me, the course was an beneficial  first step in allowing me to conceptualize the film as an organic synergy with all of its components ie locations, characters , obstacles and journeys outlined in a way that is manageable and workable rather than overwhelming. The course also showed me that having the script carefully mapped out saves time, money, and aggravation during the process. And the planning ensures a greater degree of quality in the finished project as important details are addressed that contribute to overall success of the film".                                 

Katherine Gore / Screenwriter

"As a business owner of a small production studio, I can say Ashlee's class really helped me to understand the important tasks I need to focus on when acting as a producer on my films and videos.  Producing is hard, and so many facets to producing that it is difficult to be able to cover so much in one class, but that is exactly what Ashlee managed to give me; relevant and thorough producer information that I can take straight to my work environment and begin implementing.  She manages to get so much more out of this class than someone should be able to in the time span, which I think is an attribute to her teaching, and her producing."

Shane Leonard, Independent Filmmaker


Professionalism & Discretion

Communication, Organization & Time



Producing Quality and Compelling Visuals 

Working with Motivated & Dedicated Creatives




Premiere your movie in theaters across the nation with partners like AMC and Regal Theaters. 




VOD is the fastest growing market in the film industry. Reach new audiences on a global level with placement on TVOD platforms like iTunes +, Google Play, Amazon Video, & more.




Premiere your movie in theaters across the nation with partners like AMC and Regal Theaters. 




Premiere your movie in theaters across the nation with partners like AMC and Regal Theaters. 

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Premiere your movie in theaters across the nation with partners like AMC and Regal Theaters.