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Welcome to Beyond the Plot Screenplay Festival!

The gateway into the industry seems like a distant dream, but it doesn't have to be! Beyond The Plot is an organization created by industry professionals at Produced by Ashlee & Associates, to bridge the gap between independent filmmakers and the film industry. Now that 80% of world is working or schooling from home, the demand on varies networks and streaming platforms has risen. The need for new content is at an all time high.  


Produced by Ashlee & Associates have partnered with Boogievision Creative Studios and distribution powerhouses and aggregators that are looking for unique, impactful stories. If you have a screenplay in the form of - a Short Film, TV Pilot or Feature Film you qualify to submit if your story matches one of these markets/genres: 

Faith-Based - faith based or faith friendly, inspirational, uplifting stories that appeal to families and youth. 


Action – action and thriller stories that appeal to men age 40-65. These are crime or action stories about men who take matters into their own hands and are suitable for cable networks and streaming services. These will be contained/low-budget stories with minimal locations. 


Competition-Themed - Stories about underdogs with something to prove, laying it all on the line for a high-stakes trial that will make them or break them.  


Family - Lovable characters in slightly outrageous situations bring grown-up and children dynamics to life in funny adventures that feel fresh and are watchable time and again. 


Female Inspirational Movies - Women-centered. Bigger stories, overcoming odds, obstacles. We are interested in faith and hope and inspiration. Inspirational memoirs that are not public figures that are just great stories could work. These can be "Hidden Figure” type stories as well. 


Thrillers - The perfect thriller delivers a story we have not seen before, sets it at a relentless pace, and shoots killer dialogue along the way, always rising above the formulas we know. 


Rom-Com – feel-good, fun romantic comedies. Looking for both young adult (teen, coming of age) stories and adult stories suitable for cable networks and streaming services. Concepts with Christmas or Holiday themes move to the front of the line! 


Holiday Movies - These are more formulaic - romance at the center and/or the story has to be intrinsically tied to Christmas (ie. if we took out the holiday from the story, the story wouldn’t make sense). There has to be some kind of family storyline in it. The female lead has to have some sort of support or family. We want our movies to reflect the world we live in, aka diversity, inclusion.

Our team is committed to supporting independent filmmakers and creating opportunities for up-and-coming talent. We have helped dozens of filmmakers develop, package and pitch their work around the world as an exclusive service to our clients. We know the time is now, to open the door for more creatives to make the right connections and exploit their best work.



Ashlee C - A seasoned Executive Producer, Screenwriter, and Production Development Specialist and founder of Produced by Ashlee & Associates. Ashlee's wide-ranging knowledge of production has given her opportunities to produce commercial work for major brands like HomeDepot, Ignite Grilling, LA Fitness and American Girl. As her passion grew for production, Ashlee found herself successfully developing, producing and pitching stirring short & feature films to a cumulative group of investors and well-known companies.


Michael 'Boogie' Pinckney - 

Leann Barna - holds an M.A. in Cinema and Television/Script and Screenwriting and an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Regent University. Barna is the Head of Development for Pureflix and also works as a story analyst for studios, production companies and screenwriting competitions, including Disney, Mar Vista Entertainment, BlueCat Screenplay Competition, Goldcrest Films, and Eclectic Pictures. She has extensive experience in all aspects of film festival production, including judging/programming for the DTLA Film Festival, NYC Independent Film Festival and the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival.


Jordan Lassigg -  A notable, seasoned cinematographer, creating commercial, and narrative films. Jordan’s work can bee seen globally as his films with daystar televisions reach between 2-4 billion views. His passion for film is in seeing lives enriched by the ones who's stories are told and by those who watch. His work can be seen with companies like: Apple, Google, Mercedes, Hillsong, BBC, Virgin, and Airbnb.


Lamar R. Faulk -  is Sr. Script Editor, Screenplay Writer and founder of The Faulk Group. He has gained notoriety for ghost writing on a number of notable screenplays. His expertise is character development and story structure.His passion for writing has afforded him the opportunity to give back to the independent community by hosting webinars for creators around the world on writing for film /television. 

Judges and Sponsors are currently being added to the 2024 Beyond The Plot roaster. Sign up for our weekly newsletters and updates. 


Professional industry readers review all submitted scripts and Beyond The Plot will announce up to 10 Finalists by March 15, 2021, which will then move to a final round, judged by the Beyond The Plot Society Jury Panel, who will determine the winning screenplays.


• The winning Screenplay will receive the Official Beyond The Plot Selection Laurel,  $1000 cash prize,  a development deal; including Script, Treatment, and Pitch Deck development. A Zoom call to pitch network executives, producers and aggregators along with other sponsored prizes. 

• The 2nd & 3rd place Screenplays will receive the Official Beyond the Plot Selection Laurel,  6 weeks of development; including Script, Treatment, and Pitch Deck development, and a free listing in Produced by Ashlee & Associates Distribution Catalogue (exposing the awarded works to producers nationwide), as well as Commemorative Certificates.

• Honorable Mentions will receive the Honorable Mention Laurel, and a free listing in Produced by Ashlee & Associates Distribution Catalogue (exposing the awarded works to producers nationwide), as well as Commemorative Certificates.


Screenplays must be unproduced scripts, written in English and in Industry Standard Format (feature length 80-120 pages; short form 3-45 pages).


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and may reside anywhere in the world and must submit the following:


One copy of an original screenplay (in digital formats only as defined within the submission forum selected), approximately 80-120 pages in length for feature length scripts and 3-45 pages for short scripts, formatted in industry standard screenplay format and written in English.


Please note: Only original works are accepted. Submissions may not be based, in whole or in part, on material, fictional or nonfictional, produced or unproduced, published or unpublished, unless such material is in the public domain or if the material was originally created and published/produced by the applicant(s), in another medium.


No revisions or updated versions will be accepted beyond the initial submission.


A completed application form and an 'entry fee' required for all entries. No waivers will be considered for this competition.


Applicants may submit multiple entries, however, those must be submitted separately along with respective fee(s) for each separate submission.


Collaborative works are accepted and are treated as (1) submission, regardless of how many authors are responsible for creating the work and any prizes awarded will be divided evenly among the authors.


BTP – Beyond The plot Screenplay Festival and Produced by Ashlee & Associates, LLC, based upon its own opinions and voting procedures, reserves the right to grant no awards if there is no entry that qualifies with sufficient merit.


The applicant(s) agree to hold Beyond The plot Screenplay Festival and Produced by Ashlee & Associates, LLC harmless from, and defended against all claims, demands, costs, judgments, losses, expenses (including attorneys’ fees), and liabilities resulting out of or in connection with any and all claims of third parties, whether or not groundless, based on any stories submitted to the MARKETABLE FILMMAKER SCREENWRITERS COLLABORATIVE  or on any screenplay developed out of such stories.


The burden of obtaining copyright, Writers Guild Registration, and all proprietary interests for the submitted material rests solely on the applicant(s).


To the accuracy of the information supplied, any false or misleading information on the application, or any failure to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by Beyond The plot Screenplay Festival and Produced by Ashlee & Associates, LLC may result in disqualification and forfeiture of any awards or cash prizes.

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