Produced by Ashlee & Associates (PbA2) is a, full-service video & film production company based in Dallas, Texas. We work with industries and businesses of all type, marketers, agencies, non-profits and fundraisers. We create enticing videos that connect your audience to your brand

With over 10 years of experience, PbA2 creative teams are experts at content development and on-set execution: From concept to completion, our teams possess the skills to produce quality video work, contributing to the success of our valued clients. 

From inspiring documentaries to immersive, character-driven scripted films, each PbA2 project is a carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind original. Our passion for unique storytelling and uncompromising quality have made PbA2 the preferred production company for independent filmmakers world-wide.



Do you have an idea for a film, television show or documentary? Have you invested your time and /or money into developing that idea? Not sure what to do now or how to get it in front of the right broadcasters? We can help.

Our production associates specialize in working with creators to help them develop, package, and pitch their work around the world.

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Produced by Ashlee & Associates